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Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Pressure & Blood Pressure Reversal Videos List

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Pressure & Blood Pressure Reversal List

What is a Hypertension Management program?

  • The Hypertension Management Program is a well-versed program intended to reverse blood pressure and keep the numbers within the acceptable range.
  • We know that hypertension is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and to manage the risk Madhavbaug has designed this scientific program.
  • It’s an outcome of Madhavbaug’s 16 years of continuous research which is based on the fundamentals of ancient Ayurveda. It works specifically on the root causes of hypertension and manages it with our 360-degree approach.
  • HTN management program uses techniques described in panchakarma namely Snehana (massage), Swedana (medicated steam) and Shirodhara (Medicated decoction dripping therapy on forehead).

What is Hypertension (Uncontrollable high Blood Pressure)?

  • When the heart beats, it contracts, pumping blood into the arteries, which is delivered to every area of your body to provide the nutrition and oxygen it requires.
  • Blood pushes against the walls of the blood vessels as it travels along the artery. Your blood pressure is the driving factor behind this push.
  • When the heart beats, the pressure is at its maximum. This is known as the systolic pressure (top number), and it should be less than 120.
  • When the heart relaxes (rests) between beats, the pressure drops. This is referred to as the diastolic pressure (bottom number), and it should be about 80 or less.

High Blood Pressure

  • If either or both of your readings are consistently over 140 / 90 or greater for several weeks, you most likely have high blood pressure. Because high blood pressure usually has no symptoms.
  • The only way to know the blood pressure is to be measured it at home and at the clinic.
  • A single high number, however, does not always indicate that you have high blood pressure.
  • Many factors can influence your blood pressure during the day, so you must keep an eye on it to ensure that it remains high throughout time.

What conditions Hypertension Management program can treat?

  • Newly diagnosed high blood pressure patients
  • Chronic HTN
  • Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) in Hypertension – (Thickening of the heart muscles of the left side of the heart along with high blood pressure)
  • Initial phase of kidney disease in Hypertension
  • Stroke, TIA in HTN– (A stroke happens when a blood vessel carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain becomes blocked or breaks (or ruptures). When this happens, a portion of the brain is deprived of blood (and oxygen), and it and brain cells get destroyed. Also, sudden bleeding in any area of brain can happen due to high blood pressure.)

How does Hypertension Management therapy work?

  • Our well Panchakarma therapies like Snehan (fusion of Aroma oils and Medicated oil message), Swedana (medicated steam), and Shiro Dhara (Medicated decoction dripping therapy on forehead) provides you with complete mental and physical healing.
  • It gives strength to your blood vessels, and improves their flexibility and elasticity which helps in reducing pressure.
  • It helps to eliminate excess of salt, water and toxins out of the body
  • It helps to calm down the mind and reduces the level of mental stress and various health problems associated with it.

Who is eligible for Hypertension Management therapy?

  • Patient of High blood pressure experiencing Headache
  • Patients of High blood pressure experiencing difficulty in breathing
  • Patients of High blood pressure with palpitation (too fast heart beats)
  • Patients of High blood pressure with numbness (feeling of loss of sensation), weakness, tingling sensation in hands or foot
  • Patients of High blood pressure with redness of the eyes
  • Patients of High blood pressure with blurred vision (retinopathy)
  • Patients of High blood pressure with anxiety (feeling uncomfortable/ uneasy/ nervousness), inadequate sleep/ irregular sleep
  • Patients of High blood pressure with sexual dysfunction
  • Patient of High blood pressure having raised albumin / protein in urine test

Who should not undergo Hypertension Management therapy?

  • Acute infection
  • Ongoing MI
  • Fever / febrile conditions

Is a Hypertension Management program a common therapy?

  • Hypertension Management Program is one of the Madhavbaug’s unique program designed to prevent the symptoms as well as risk associated with high blood pressure.
  • The Panchasutras of this program – Ayurveda medicines, Panchakarma, Diet, Exercise, Yoga and Meditation along with advanced technique of 24-hour continuous blood pressure monitoring with ABPM and techno friend Mib Pulse app personalized monitoring, have successfully controlled blood pressure in acceptable ranges / reversed blood pressure.
  • This methodical approach to hypertension management is proven and published in various scientific medical journals.

What happens before Hypertension Management program therapy?

  • In first visit, our doctors will consult you with their thorough history, present health complaint and diagnose you with further parameters – measurement of blood pressure in clinic and with ABPM i.e., 24 hours bp monitoring, ECG, Stress test, 2 D Echo, blood creatinine, lipid profile, urine microalbuminuria.
  • The above tests will help to find out the root cause of blood pressure and current health status of heart and kidney, measure blood pressure regulator organs.
  • Accordingly, our doctor will assign/ suggest a care plan for managing your blood pressure.

What happens during the Hypertension Management program therapy?

  • From the Day 1 – As part of the recommended Hypertension Management program plan, a doctor consultation will be followed by Panchakarma therapy Snehan. Swedana and Shirodhara.
  • Panchakarma therapies will be administered once a week in a clinic setting, with each session lasting 65 to 70 minutes and includes a doctor’s follow-up assessment.
  • In the follow up consultations, the doctor will prescribe ayurvedic medicines based on the patient’s condition and needs and will reduce the dose of allopathy medicines depending upon blood pressure values.
  • Diet kit will be started according to the guidelines given or you will be provided with diet charts. Dietician will also call you and take the dietary recall.
  • Personalised monitoring via the mib PULSE app will be encouraged, such as how to enter blood pressure numbers, images of thali, step count, exercise, meditation schedules, and so on.

How will I feel after the Hypertension Management program therapy?

  • As panchakarma treatment used in Hypertension management program therapy helps to remove excess of sodium, after and metabolic wastes out of the body, your will get improvement in your blood pressure values.
  • Your symptoms like anxiety, headache, palpitation, redness of eyes will also reduce down.
  • Personalised monitoring, exercises, diet and lifestyle management helps to reduce excess fat, thereby reducing excessive weight.
  • Shirodhara promotes brain relaxation as well as anxiety management. provides a calming effect and helps in peaceful sleep.

How long does Hypertension Management program therapy last?

  • Based on your current stage of blood pressure and the results of complete check-ups and investigations, the doctor will recommend an appropriate Hypertension management regimen
  • Your treating physician may suggest a 30-, 60-, or 90-day care plan in a clinic environment, followed by a 12-, 24-, or 36-month follow-up program, depending on your current symptoms and any associated sickness conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease
  • While in the hospital, a minimum of seven sittings will be offered over the course of seven days.
  • Parameters will be compared between days 1, 7, 30, 60, and 90 based on symptomatic assessment and investigations.

Can I have Hypertension Management program therapy more than once?

  • It is fully based on the severity of your symptoms, the presence of complications, and the outcomes of the parameters tested during your follow-up.
  • Treating the underlying cause involves maintaining normal blood pressure measurements without the need for allopathy medications, which is the most important prerequisite for preventing future ischemic heart disease/heart attacks/ stroke.

What are the advantages of the Hypertension Management program?

  • The panchakarma therapy utilised by Hypertension Management program will aid in the elimination of excess salt, water and toxins out of the body and normalize the blood pressure values.
  • It improves strength and flexibility of the blood vessels and reduces the risk of complications like heart attack and stroke.
  • It helps in the control of hypertension-associated symptoms such as headache, bleeding nose, palpitations, anxiety, etc.
  • It helps to reduce or prevent the complications linked to the Kidneys, Heart, and blood vessels.

What are the risks or complications of the Hypertension Management program?

  • There have not yet been any problems linked to Hypertension Management therapy.
  • No known complication related to Hypertension Management therapy has been identified, noted, or reported as of the present time. Because the treatment is evidence-based and we only employ pure herbal formulations in our therapies.

What is the recovery time after the Hypertension Management program?

  • We can predict the improvement in 30, 60, or 90 days using the therapeutic care plan.
  • The most important is your adherence to the medicine, food, exercise regimen, and lifestyle modifications suggested by the doctor.

Can a Hypertension Management program be done in clinics or hospitals?

  • In both set ups Hypertension management program can be carried Out.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation is a residential program that provides further benefits in the hospital setting along with specialized care, 24-by-7 (Day and Night) available in terms of your nutrition and dinacharya or lifestyle adjustments.
  • It will aid in the management of your blood pressure as well as any associated heart concerns.
  • At the same time, because the clinic is easily accessible, you may find it convenient to visit the clinic for monthly check-ups.

What are the parameters of improvement after the Hypertension Management program?

After Hypertension management programme you will see improvement in the parameters

  • Weight
  • Abdominal girth
  • BMI
  • Blood pressure numbers
  • Vo2 max
  • Heart rate
  • Headaches
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Anxiety
  • Stress test, ECG (in case of associated symptoms of heart disease)
  • Urine tests (to check improvement in associated kidney diseases)

When should I see my doctor after the Hypertension Management program?

  • You should see your treating physician one month after completing the indicated care plan (the initial 30/60/90 days care plan).
  • Based on the results of the follow-up checks, he can then recommend changes to your present allopathic medications, ayurvedic medications, and nutrition.
  • If you have any health issues, you can see your doctor before the scheduled follow-up date.

Can I be active when I undergo the Hypertension Management program?

  • A sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of high blood pressure. The doctor will make exercise recommendations based on your day-one assessment, which you should follow for your usual activities.
  • Your doctor will also advise you to download the mib PULSE app, which will track your steps and help you through workouts depending on the fitness plan advised by your doctor.
  • High blood pressure adds extra stress to your heart and blood vessels. If left untreated or undiagnosed, this additional pressure might potentially damage your body’s organs over time, putting you at risk of health concerns.
  • Madhavbaug’s Panchasutra approach, which incorporates advanced diagnostics, Ayurvedic therapies, research-based Panchakarma, diet, exercise, and stress management, can successfully reverse blood pressure.

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