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Madhavbaug OPD
Mahatma Gandhi had given a call to march towards villages because more than 60 % of India's population still resides in villages. In those days villages were abundant with pure air, water and food. But now times have changed. Pollution, garbage, unhygienic surroundings, different types of addictions, easy availability of fast foods has become the reality of today's villages. Owing to that, even small villages are showing a sharp rise in lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, High B.P., Obesity and Heart ailments. Despite this villages lack medical facilities. Latest statistics tells us that in villages ratio is as adverse as 1 doctor for a population of 17,000 people! According to one more study, 60 % of total deaths in India happen due to non contagious diseases and of that 45 % are heart disease deaths.
On the backdrop of this Madhavbag has decided to undertake a novel initiative by name, 'Gram Sanjeevani'. Under this scheme, small OPD's will be started in small villages and taluka places.
Gram Sanjeevani

Current scenario

MadhavbaugTM OPD Centre

Area Required
200 sq.ft
50,000 (refundable)
(Receptionist) - 1
Medicine Support (Gram Sanjeevani)
50,000 (MRP Value)
Total Investment
2,50,000 + GST
Consulting Room

Strong and Growing Network

Great reasons to have OPD Centre with MadhavbaugTM

Established Brand

Backed by over four decades of experience, MadhavbaugTM is a well-established brand with a strong presence in Southern India region.

Committed Management

MadhavbaugTM Management has high pedigree and rich experience with strong domain knowledge, which is likely to bring best practices to your OPD Centres.


Certified preventive cardiologist from MUHS. Observership in leading Hospitals. Opportunity to learn the integrated approach of Modern medicine, Ayurved & Homoeopathy. Opportunity to learn from best faculties in leading Cardiology.

Exclusive Support

MadhavbaugTM Management is committed to provide proper training and support to all prospective OPD Centre owners to operate successfully.

India’s leading healthcare brand for

Technology Driven

An in-house IT team which has helped the company to come up with innovative initiatives to increase its efficiency.

Save My Heart

Know the current health status of your heart and act now for a healthier future. Heart Health Meter App (+50K Downloads) calculates the risk of getting a heart attack by considering risk factors that a person has. It also gives recommendations & tips on how to reduce & manage the risk.

Training portal helps Core Medical Team to interact with on ground team of doctors & therapists on a daily basis.

Madhavbaug’s treatment based on principles of Ayurveda, Modern technology has been accepted by many Medical Journals and Institutions all over the world

  • Only 3% of the doctor population live in rural areas, while almost 70% of Indian population live in rural area.
  • Rural areas have 3-4 times fewer doctors as compared to urban areas.
  • Rural areas experience scarcity of healthcare with an 80% shortage of community health centres and a 90% shortage of medical specialists.
  • Only 68% of rural citizens have access to an Out-Patient Department (OPD) and only 37% have access to In-Patient Department (IPD) facilities within a 5 km distance.
  • The consultation fee for doctors in urban areas is up to 40% more than the national average doctor’s fees. Therefore, the doctors tend to leave the rural regions and start their practice in urban regions.
  • The Gram Sanjivani Yojana will empower and support doctors to serve in rural areas in order to treat and prevent lifestyle disorders in these populations
Gram Sanjeevani

For more details please contact:

Deepak Kulkarni (Vertical Head OPD)
Mob: 9822110471 / 8421465556
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