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Madhavbaug Khopoli is an NABH Accredited AYUSH Entry Level Hospital

Madhavbaug Khopoli Hospital now accepts Cashless Health Insurance for your Heart and Diabetes Treatment

Soma HathaYogaSoma HathaYoga
08:42 01 Dec 22
Thank you Madhavbaug 🙏Holistic treatment provided hereVery good way to treat cardiac conditions.Ayurvedic treatment, exercise, yoga, healthy diet for patient.Helps in reducing heart blockages for which we used the madhavbaug treatment plan.Highly recommended
Manoj PatilManoj Patil
15:01 20 Nov 22
Everything is good, provide best treatment, also have ICU, ambulance if required in emergency, it has best rooms for staying and also good cooperative staff they take care of each and every patient they monitor BP, Sugar time to time. Also different health insurance options are available
Shubham DhumalShubham Dhumal
05:43 12 Nov 22
My Dad having treatment from Madhavbaug Hospital. Very nice experience. So well maintained hospital area. Good and polite staff.
Shubham BijweShubham Bijwe
13:14 06 Aug 22
Got a chance to attend the 12pm Hawan (performed daily at the same time) held at Panchmahabhuta Temple. The herbs used in Hawan are said to have medicinal properties and are believed to be beneficial for both patients and non-patients. The Mantras recited during Hawan are Vedic and dedicated to Lord Agnī, Lord Dhānvantāri and other Vedic Gods. They say that while the Hawan is on, one should inhale the smoke deep into lungs as the sticks of all the herbs used for this sacred fire are proven to enhance strength to one's lungs.**A must attend ritual when you visit Madhavbaug.
05:44 19 Jul 22
It's very well organized & managed. All the Doctors, Staff, Canteen Manager & staff are very caring & soft spoken. I got the JAIN food on my request and within my time limit. Housekeeping is well maintained. All are taking well interest in patients. Keeping follow up for all the daily activities. They make us realize that our health is in our hand if we take proper diet and do exercises.Thanks to everyone at Madhavbaug
Ajay DhumalAjay Dhumal
10:33 05 Jul 22
Thoroughly impressed with the type of efforts and the approach being made to help patients completely recover and be off medicines. Hearty congratulations and we wish you all the best for all the efforts that you are making to make India MEDICINE free society. Wish Dr sane and the entire team for making our treatment a Memorable experience. Best regards. 🙏🙏🙏
14:41 29 May 22
I went to Madhav baug with my family, i availed happy heart package worth 1999/- which includes stress testing , 2d echo , blood test (Avg sugar of last 2-3 months) and panchkarma with doctor consultation.Had a good experience, and it is worth and good one.
Hey everyone ☺️I would like to share my own opinion about Madhavbaug Hospital.It's a really amazing place where we can not only have the treatment but also we have a picnic atmosphere,which helps in the recovery of patients to and there natives.Here you will find the perfect daily routine which starts at early morning to night. Here all the facilities are good and well managed.And imp here we have good and supportive guidance from doctors ..many more this you can experience here so for treatment purpose visit madhavbaug..
Machindra MhatreMachindra Mhatre
08:37 21 May 22
I am actually feeling very good and healthy after taking treatment in Madhavbaug. The atmosphere here is totally fresh and energetic. The climate over here fresh our mind and make us to feel positive.The routine of treatment is good which helps us to recover better.. I am absolutely getting recovered. Here all services are good including canteen and cleaning . And most important here we have a very good guidance of doctors ,the even explain us our report. So one should visit madhavbaug for treatment purpose.. 😊😊😊
Chitrangad RaundaleChitrangad Raundale
04:56 08 May 22
At this place i took a treatment for my mother. She met with a heart attack few days ago. Now she is feeling better.A quite good place. Ambiance is good. Treatment is best in the class. Also the back end staff is supportive. As well the quality of food is also very good.
Dr Hemant. ToshikhaneDr Hemant. Toshikhane
00:16 03 May 22
Madhava Bagh cardiac Care Clinic and Hospital is unique concept where in a treatment protocol is practised to treat all types of cardiac elements through Ayurved wearing the medicines where also given to the patients along with the diet yoga exercise and physiotherapy the centre here it is located around 5acres land and its put up hill and well maintenance and the recovery rate of patients is also very good and the staff and the administrative people are very cooperative anyone who has cardiac elements can first drive with this then they can go for conservative management
11:25 21 Mar 22
Merits: Good cafeteria canteen and Vehicle services. Good Room service. Treatment based on ayurveda and panchkarma. Most of the staff management is active and responsive.Demerits: Extremely poor technology for accessing wifi facility (that also with limited speed and data), treatment cost to benefit ratio on slightly higher side, no immediate room allotment even after a week advance booking with advance payment.Sometimes they themselves write online reviews for others.
Both my parents have taken facilities offered in Madhavbaug. Their treatments are effective. The medicines are natural. The Diet Regime is great and they have a good staff too. Ravi especially was very friendly and helpful to my parents. My father was recommended angioplasty In Bonbay Hospital and he decided to admit himself in Madhavbaug instead. He got treated here. Blockages went down. Lifestyle improved and he is hail and hearty now at 68 years of age.
Salim BootsSalim Boots
07:16 07 Jan 22
This is my second visit for my mother, earlier was in 2015 for her heart condition and this time for her hypertension. We are very satisfied and at complete content with the service and treatment being offered here. We would strongly recommend for anyone and everyone who are looking for an alternative form of treatment and assured results. Moreover its absolute value for money.Keep it up Team Madhavbaug.
sagar malalesagar malale
08:25 29 Nov 21
It was a quality time.We were there to treat my Father's Illnesses due to Cardiac Arrest (5 Blockage) and High Sugar Levels.Their Ayurvedic Treatment is so gentle but useful.Schedule is so tight from 5 AM to 9 PM.Within 7 days patients confidence level and physical abilities enhances and whole campus is so enthusiastic..☺️☺️☺️
lucy daniellucy daniel
17:45 28 Nov 21
I'm really happy to share my views about Madhavbaug. I'm thankful to this institution and to each staff for giving my husband a new life. If there is heaven on earth it is Madhavbaug trust me. A life giving hospital for all .
shripad shidoreshripad shidore
07:25 23 Nov 21
Appears to be trying something very positive, namely lifestyle change to cure diseases like Diabetes, Heart problems, and such ailments.Good plans( procedure)s well executed. Generally v good and courteous medical and support staff.Worth considering for try out, of course patients own commitment for lifestyle change is equally important.
Fitness MantraFitness Mantra
16:51 16 Nov 21
Would recommend every heart and diabetic patientSuch a great experience. Very friendly and compassionate doctor. Took all the time to go over my questions, now my uncle feeling much better. Thank you Madhavbaug hospital.
Hareet TiwariHareet Tiwari
07:33 16 Nov 21
Nice treatment. Nice hospitality. All doctors and staff are very much helpful and cooperative. I visited here 2 months ago. My father was having heart problem. Now he is having gradual improvement. Thanks Madhavbaug.
Indu MenonIndu Menon
04:50 16 Nov 21
I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the well trainedDoctors from whom I have received the best treatment. My sincere thanks also  to the doctors and supporting staff for their attention in ECG/Echo/Stress test Dept.etc. Also wish to  thank the   Panchakarma Dept.for their excellent treatment.During my stay at Madhavbaug hospital, also enjoyed the different lecture series/ day to day activities. Totally it was an unforgettable experience.In addition to above, the services of canteen was very much appreciable.Lastly, would like to mention that it was a very homily atmosphere I felt as the complete system of the hospital was very well organized.

The Sampurna Hridaya Shuddhikaran Therapy Advantage

Research Backed
Risk Free
Painless & Non Invasive

Is A Clinically Proven Risk Free Ayurvedic Treatment For Patients Advised Bypass / Angioplasty


Treatments at Madhavbaug

Madhavbaug treatments rely on advanced therapies with systematic non-invasive approach to relieve patients of heart disease and risk factors or conditions that cause heart disease. Our treatments are scientifically researched integration of Ayurveda and modern medical science.

Madhavbaug Reversal Treatments
Heart Disease Reversal

Specialised Treatments for Patients who have been Detected with Heart Disease & Blockages, or have Undergone Surgical Treatments like Bypass & Angioplasty. read more

Diabetes Reversal

Thousands have got their Blood Sugar within Normal Range, & have Reduced their Dependency on Insulin & Medication with Madhavbaug Diabetes Reversal Program. read more

Obesity Turnaround Program
Obesity Management

Weight Management through Diet, Ayurveda, Exercise & more helps Patients achieve a Healthy Weight & turn around their Obesity. read more

About Madhavbaug

Madhavbaug has successfully established itself as a dependable option for treating heart ailments – treatments that don’t just heal ailing hearts but strengthen them. Our ideology – “Whatever it takes” is a promise of doing everything possible to provide the best cardiac care to our patients.

A team of dedicated doctors from fields of modern medicine, Ayurveda, diet and physiotherapy guides you on the process to better heart health. In short, we do whatever it takes to ensure that you live a happy, productive life without the worry of heart-disease.

Madhavbaug Network

290 Clinics

2 Hospitals

Madhavbaug Hospital, Khopoli

Madhavbaug Hospital, Kondhali

Madhavbaug PowerMAP

Power MAP is a medical analytics application developed by Madhavbaug, built for doctors to help them get necessary medical intelligence regarding patient’s clinical parameters to reverse their chronic Disease effectively.

Apart from critical alerts regarding a Patient’s concerning vital parameters, Power MAP provides in depth medical analysis of a patient’s current Health status and its comparison with historical data to provide a complete picture of the Disease Reversal Journey through interactive visualizations and medical intelligence capabilities.

This is achieved by seamless integration of numerous data points flowing through mibPULSE, an all in 1 health monitoring app built for patients which keeps them connected with 24 x 7.

Read more…

Voice of Patients

Thousands of patients have been relieved of complex heart problems and prevented further complications through Madhavbaug treatments. Here’s their story in their own words.

After my treatment, I was able to walk and speak freely without fatigue and was completely fine. Also in the 6 days, I never felt that I am in hospital as it felt like a home with complete care. I feel like I have been given a re-birth.

Anuradha Chandrakant NikajeMadhavbaug Khopoli Hospital

In the period of my treatment, the staff was very supportive and provided proper consultation and lifestyle guidance. I am able to do everything which I was not able to do earlier due to lack of heart strength.

Sangita Balkrishna JadhavAge 72

Madhavbaug ayurvedic treatments did not have any side effects on the body. They even trained me on various cardio activities which helped me build my exercise tolerance & Panchkarma also proved to be very beneficial for me

Tukaram Narayan VathorePracticing Advocate, Age 74

I did not want to undergo angioplasty so I approached Madhavbaug when my friend told me about their treatments. Madhavbaug doctors assured me that I will recover after Panchakarma treatment and we started with that.

Rajesh SoniAge 38

Initially I was having sugar & urine stone problem, After consultation, I started Panchkarma treatment along with Doctor guidance. I no longer have as much body pain as before, and my sugar is in control now. Yoga DVD has helped me a lot in maintaining my improved health.

Janardhan Narayan MhatreAge 61

After I did my check up I discovered that I am suffering from diabetes, hypertension & hyperthyroidism. Very 1st day of my treatment I was feeling fresh & after 2 sittings my body showed lots of improvement. The Ayurvedic treatment had tremendous positive effects on my body.

Preeti Dilip LondheDiabetes, Hypertension & Hyperthyroidism

My heart functioning improved from 10% to 30% after 6 days of Madhavbaug treatment, and then 60% in total of 2 months. I am thankful to Madhavbaug from the bottom of my heart and I will be grateful to them forever.

Charudatta ManjrekarVengurla, Maharashtra

3 months of changed diet and lifestyle supported by Panchakarma treatment saw my HbA1C drop to 5.9% from 8.1% earlier and sugar levels from 176 to 75. I do not consume any medication anymore and am off insulin injections.

Sameer Pande,Age 44
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