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India’s Leading Chain of
Cardiac Care Clinics & hospitals

With more than a decade of expertise in preventive cardiology, Madhavbaug has a strong track record of patients who have obtained relief from life threatening diseases with Madhavbaug’s treatments. Founded in 2006 with a vision to reduce the mortality and morbidity due to heart disease and lifestyle disorders, Madhavbaug has established a strong foothold in non-invasive cardiac care with 290 clinics and 2 hospitals. Our legacy is an outcome of our deeply ingrained philosophy of Whatever It Takes which is a promise of doing everything possible to provide the best cardiac care to our patients.


Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane is the first to conceptualize the idea that ancient Indian medical science, Ayurveda, can play a big role in chronic cardiac disease. Founder of Madhavbaug Clinics & Hospitals in India, Dr. Rohit used his education in modern medicine and undertook a meticulous research into Ayurveda. Extensive experimentation and delving deeper into every minute aspect of his study led him to find scientific evidence to substantiate this novel idea. The effort resulted in a highly effective alternative therapy for chronic heart failure through combination of modern medical science and the well established therapies prescribed in Ayurveda.

Dr. Rohit Sane
M.D. & CEO at Madhavbaug

Our Treatment Philosophy

Madhavbaug has successfully established itself as a dependable option for treating heart ailments – treatments that don’t just heal ailing hearts but strengthen them. A team of dedicated doctors from fields of modern diagnostics, Ayurveda, diet and physiotherapy guides you on the process to better heart health.

Holistic Non-invasive Treatments

Madhavbaug has successfully integrated the knowledge of Ayurveda and optimal lifestyle modification with the insights of modern medical science to deliver world class non-surgical heart treatments.

Advanced Research & Technology

In-depth researched treatments, diets and protocols backed with proven efficacy makes Madhavbaug’s treatments reliable and effective.

Patient-Centric Care

Our philosophy of Whatever It Takes is a promise of best possible care and hand holding for the patients during and even after the treatment.


Our vision is to be the best cardiac care organization in India and to reduce
the mortality and morbidity due to heart disease.


Our mission is to rid the society of heart disease through well researched
innovative therapies based on Ayurveda and modern, public education
and extensive reach.


In order to ensure that our treatments have the desired effect, Madhavbaug’s team conducts rigorous research on every aspect of therapy. Many of our researchers are published in leading scientific journals and have presented the research in international conferences.

Evidences for efficacy of Heart Failure Reversal Therapy (HFRT) Model in Heart Failure

Accepted by Indian Heart Journal (Nov-2016)

British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research (Oct-2013)

Journal of US-China Medical Science, USA (Nov-2011)

Role of non-invasive herbal procedure Heart Failure Reversal Therapy (HFRT)

Studies presented at 5th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Cardiology, Philadelphia Retrospective cohort to study survival rate amongst CHF patients after Ayurvedic HFRT

Evidences for efficacy of Ischemia Reversal Program (IRP) in chronic ischemic heart diseases

Efficacy of IRP as an add on therapy to conventional treatment Published in Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology


Some of many awards that Madhavbaug has been honored with are

“India Ayurveda Cardiac Service Provider Company of the Year” Award by Frost & Sullivan at its 2017 India Best Practices Awards Banquet, Mumbai
Dr Rohit Sane Has Been Felicitated For His Immense Contribution In The Field Of Preventive Cardiology By Dr Deepak Sawant, Minister Of Public Health & Family Welfare, Economic Times World Heart Week. Mumbai
World Health Congress for Asia Healthcare Excellence Award for BEST CARDIAC CARE SERVICE PROVIDER OF THE YEAR at Sentosa, Singapore
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